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Work was pretty meh today. A deal with one of our partners went South and instead of lesson learned my boss pitched a bitch fit and looks of F bombs were dropped. My work place is so unprofessional. I just try to keep my headphones on all day and pray to get through the work day without having to deal with him. I would love to work from home once a week, but apparently the office falls apart even if I leave for an hour. I can't wait to finish my Accounting course in December so I can start looking for something else. These people are so unprofessional that I really don't know how much longer the company is going to last. You can't throw baby fits every time a deal goes South or someone's an asshole. God these people can use some of the formal customer service training that I took up when I was not working. Next week, I'll be in California with these idiots. I'm just counting down until the 17th when I'm back home with my sane family and boyfriend.

I saw on the Facebook news feed this morning that Naruto is ending next month. I was taking to a college buddy of mines of our fondest memories of the series. I've been following the series for over 10 years. I used to role-play Sakura hardcore for countless hours on myspace until I went to college. I had to give it up though because it was causing some mental issues. I still hope that Sasuke somehow dies at the end of the series. I still can't stand his ass. The only way I'll accept him living is if they give of SakuSasu at the end of the series, which I highly doubt will happen. I still have about 200+ chapters to read over the next 5 weeks.

Anywho, that's my mini synopsis of the day. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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I wish you could get out of that workplace sooner :/

Naruto's finally ending? Wow. I never read the manga but I used to watch the anime on Cartoon Network. That was my first fandom...I wrote many embarrassing fics :p

Yea me too. I'm stuck like Chuck until I finish my Accounting course. It was hard to find something outside the city the community college is at would accept the fact that I can't work no earlier than 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursday.

I stopped watching the anime because of all the fillers.

Geez... that IS really unprofessional :/ I'm sorry you have to deal with that on a daily basis. I'm sure it puts a lot of stress on you. Speaking of your class, how did you end up doing on your last test?

It is. I actually can't find a good reason to come in everyday that positive besides paying my bills.

I got an A on the last test. I have a quiz on Friday and another exam in two weeks on Merchandise Inventory and the unit cost models. -___- I have so much reading to do. Work sucks up so much of my time.

Paying bills is a worthy cause ;)

Ew... sounds... like fun reading... NOT! 0o Good to know you got an A though! =D Work is good for that as well ;)

Yea, if I was paying my auto loan off and half of one bigger student loans in December, I would've walked by now. Everyone who has worked for the company previously has either been fired(practically everyone) or just quit(I think one guy got lucky and found something else). If I would've known this before taking the job, I would've kept looking to be honest. I was unemployed at the time lol

Agreed! I've been spending so much time practicing problems because it's the hardest part of the course. I think I get the concepts.

I'm glad they're finally finishing up Naruto. I had to stop watching Shippuuden because there were too many filler episodes. I think once it catches up I'll go back to it. I just can't put up with things dragging on indefinitely.

Yea, I'm the same that's why I started reading the manga instead of watching the anime.

Your workplace does sound very unprofessional. =/ I hope you are able to find something better!

I'm shocked Naruto is finally coming to an end. I wanna rush and catch up )I haven't been following in over two years) because I know tumblr is gonna be up in flames with spoilers within minutes of the final episode, but... I just don't have time :\

Yea, I thought it would drag on forever. I gave up on the anime about 5-6 years ago. Too many fillers. I still follow the manga somewhat, but I have quite a few chapters to read up on before I'm current.

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